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Key Features

  • Redundant A+B power to each cabinet available
  • Fully segregated hot AND cold aisles
  • Laser scanner smoke and heat detection system for early detection
  • Multi 1000 Mbps GIG-E fiber connections to internet backbone
  • Secure facility with strict surveillance of visitors and limited access to data center
  • Redundant computer grade Liebert HVAC environmental cooling systems

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Built in the heart of Provo, Utah the BetterServer Datacenter guarantees 100% network uptime guarantee while maintaining energy efficiency and strict security measures.


  • Dual segregated transformers
  • Redundant critical power paths and full bypass capability
  • (4) 750KW UPS' w/ additional UPS added if needed
  • 120 UPS battery time at peak load (minutes)
  • (2) 2 meg N+1 generators, 3,500 gallon fuel storage each, priority 24/7 refueling contracts. Wired in parallell. Additional generator installation space allocated for install when needed.
  • Raritan PX-5522/5524 PDU included standard. (Customers may use their own PDU if preferred)
  • Power delivered at 208v. remote monitoring, reboot supported via web portal.
  • Extremely efficient power efficiency with average yearly PUE under 1.2


  • N+1 Redundant Chillers
  • N+2+ redundancy cooling providing 750 tons of total cooling capacity.
  • Colocation floor cooled by (12) 60-ton and (1) 30 Liebert CRAC units.
  • 36" raised floor throughout
  • Data Center uses 100% outside air the majority of the year
  • Fully automated control system, includes alerting and fault detection with automatic backup units
  • 66 ±4 Air temperature (°F) in cold aisle

Fire Suppression

  • State of the art misting fire suppression system
  • Nitrogen based fire supression system, uses just 4% water of standard sprinklers
  • Nearly zero wetting of protected areas; no need for costly clean up or equipment replacement
  • Dry pipe sprinkler & Pre-action sprinkler
  • Green design that is 100% safe for the environment and personnel
  • Quick system recharge; minimal facility downtime
  • No need for assurance of tight room integrity
  • Victaulic Vortex full brochure (5.64 MB PDF)


  • 10Gigabit Ethernet network backbone
  • Redundant fiber connections on diverse physical paths
  • Redundant telecom and fiber providers
  • Unrestricted dedicated 100/1000 Mbs or 10 Gig ports on our switch


  • Over 100 full motion video camera providing 24x7 CCTV video surveillance of exterior perimeter and interior areas
  • Perimeter and interior card key access control system with 24/7 security monitoring on logging
  • Mantraps and biometric hand scanners at all Data Center entry points and key internal check points
  • Access controlled photo badge required to pass though over 90% of all internal building doors
  • Semi-private cabinet suites provide an additional layer of keycard authentication and include 24/7 video surveliance
  • 24/7 manned security on-site

Environmental Systems

  • Redundant UPS power systems (optional A + B power feeds)
  • Diesel generator back-up system can run at full capacity for weeks with emergency refueling as needed
  • Pre-Action Dry Pipe fire suppression system with computer controlled early smoke detection monitoring
  • 36" Raised access floor system
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